Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogmas Day 8

On the eighth Day of blogmas my true Jen gave to me

Day 8: The Best thing to happen to me in 2016?

Well if you have been alive for the past year you know that 2016 has been a big ass slap in the face!

Like just when you think 2016 can't get any worse


So what are my best things to happen?

Well they are random and to be honest I can't think of any other things.

1. My grandmother got surgery.

Let me explain, for the longest time, her leg had been bothering her, she was in REALLY bad pain but she finally got an implant and its as if she was reborn! So that makes me really happy.

2. My cousin was born.

Nicholas Tyler
What a name, he was such a tiny bean! I have like 3 pictures of him from the day he was born up in my wall and as I saw him like a week ago I was like holy shit! HE IS HUGE! And it made me all nostalgic. He is seriously such a cute butterball with a massive personality. I can't wait until I start reading to him every day!

3. My true friends shone!

So in my more recent years I have closed my friends list more and more and towards the end of the year, I have made that list even shorter. I have my reasons for doing this that to be honest I wont get into. My proud moment is when after YEARS I was finally able to rid myself of a friendship that to be honest was kind of toxic for me, as much as I hated to admit it. Each one of my current friends have proven themselves to be the best out there. Without them really knowing or even needing to tell them, they have just naturally been there. Im talking to you Jenny! And of course, Cecilia, Angela and Estefano. There are others out there that even though I don't talk to on a daily basis I know I can count on and im proud to have them as member of the squad I have in my mind. Yeah, thats you Johanna and Mandy!

4. I got to skype with one of my favorite authors!

It was super fucking brief but it counts! So Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies, was doing a west coast tour for his upcoming book, The Burning World (out February 2017), and I had totally missed the date he came to my city! I was totally heartbroken! I had missed my chance! 
*Cue in Super Cecilia entering the picture*
My friend Ceecy lives in San Francisco and when I found out this whole fucking thing, Marion was actually going to BE there that same day! Thankfully, she went to the meet up on my behalf and was able to get me a SIGNED ARC OF THE BOOK ANNNDDD she skyped me while she was there and I got to say hi!
So I thought I was going to be totally chill and collected but I spent the first solid 30 seconds of the call saying "I cant even, this isnt happening" BUT IT WAS! The call mustve lasted no more than 8 minutes, but it was the best 8 minutes of my bookish year!

There are other tiny bits of my year that to be honest should be worth a mention but hey, this post would be infinite, so lets just stick with the mentioned ones.