Saturday, December 24, 2016

Blogmas Day 12

On the twelfth day of blogmas my true Jen gave to me

Day 12: Christmas Tree picture

Are you ready?

This year I didn't do an Actual Christmas Tree.
Instead, I did a BOOKish Christmas Tree!

To be honest, I wasn't planning on it, I was watching TV, then I went to get water and when I came back, I simply grabbed books and put them on the floor and then started to build a tree.

It was a whole process, I started with a bunch of hardcovers on the floor and in a circle and put paperbacks in the middle for filling and then built it up. 

The first tree that I made was actually half as tall, it was pretty pathetic, so I took it down and started it again and this time I ended up using about 95% of my books and this is what happened.

I didn't want to use some of my favorite paperbacks as fillers so I put those at the top. 

And by favorites I mean, irreplaceable copies such as ARCs of
Heartless- Mariss Meyer
Six of Crows- Leigh Bardugo
Clockwork Angel- Cassandra Clare
The Burning World- Isaac Marion

I also TRIED to keep my favorite books showing on the sides and fronts but height was more important as well, so as to actually be sure the tree would stay up and not bend the books on the inside of the tree. I dont know if you can tell though, the tree still ended up a bit lopsided. 

I actually took down the tree 3 days ago because the paperbacks on top were starting to get a little bent by the weight of the books on the top sooo... For the good of preserving, I had to take my epic book tree DOWN.

So worth it though.