Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogmas Day 3

On the third day of blogmas my true Jen gave to me

Day 3: Christmas Wishlist

I mean, of course this will have a shit ton of books!
But I have already voiced my opinion on what books I want so I think I will go ahead and mention books that I havent voiced that I want

And non book items as well, lets keep this original

Uhm... Yeah, as a child, getting socks is the weirdest thing, but as an adult, I simply dont have enough god blessed socks! They all mysteriously disappear of get ruined after one wash!
I recently bought new socks and I swear I am a happier person for it.

Me Before You Movie
This movie makes me cry like no ones business. I swear, ill typically get over a movie being sad after the first 2 times watching it but not this one. I totally need it for my collection.

Black Holo Witch nail polish
Need I go further?! This is what I need in life! Period

Throne of Glass Hardcovers
So I really loved the series and have yet to actually own any of them and I know this is a series that needs re-reads so I totally need them all!

Uhm... This is one thing I know I wont get but I felt like I should go ahead and say it anyways.
To be honest im not even sad about not getting it cuz I have my computer so its like, I have that, dont need anything else. But this could be said about pretty much anything else really. Like books, I can always check them out from the library, dont need to actually own them if I have those... Which is why I have stopped buying as much D:

These little craps are sooooo expensive, this is actually a wishlist item I do wish for. They are impossible to make and are super expensive and not easy to find. We used to have a place that sold them by my house but... Sadly they closed down, no one was really buying.. CUZ THEY WERE LIKE 3 BUCKS A PIECE! They were tiny! And they also sold cupcaked but they were like 5 each... The prices were pretty insane.

The Features- Some kind of Salvation Vinyl
This is probably the only band that I actually legit love
Now this wishlist item would actually be directly through the bad because there is sadly no vinyl for this one which SUCKS because it is my favorite album by them!
I mean, psh, I could SURVIVE with a signed edition of this book xD

Heartless HC
So I have the ARC of this book (I was blessed by the gods, I know) and its even signed, but I have yet to get my hands on the hardcover for this one!

Bella Swan Funko pop
So yeah.... I have a large collection of twilight stuff apperently.,
I even made my own Edward funko WAY before they announced the release of the ones that came out a couple of weeks ago.
I even made a shelf

I mean, I surely have a lot more stuff that I would love for christmas but since I have already thrown my wishlist out into the world, I cant think of anything else to add for here.

What is on YOUR wishlist?