What I Do

So I have realized that it is a little hard to establish what it is that I do here. Or rather, what I have done since I first started In July 2015 and what I want to do in the future in a small condensed post

Let me introduce myself first

My name is Valeria Navarro

I like so many things its not even funny, on my Get In Touch tab, you will find all of my social media if you wish to spot that or on the right side you will find a reel of my bookstagram posts and direct contact form as well as direct twitter follow link. I am also on fanfiction, as I am in the middle of writing my first ever novel-length story for which I am proud I have even achieved but since I am a little shy and in serious need of edits, I like to keep that private for now.

Before specifying on what I do in this blog, let me give myself some self-promo and direct you to some recent passions, such as the fact that I like to deface books for fun and sell them. Check out my portfolio.

On this blog, I like to do whatever I want to do but some of my favorite posts and things to do are down below.

I love doing author interviews and in some cases, I have been able to meet some authors, here is my latest author interview for which I had a blast. If you ever want to be featured on my blog, please never hesitate to contact me, as I also do Blogger interviews, since we bloggers just don't get enough praise.

Occasionally, I like to do book related posts about conversations that are being had in the bookish-verse. I had stopped this segment for a while but after having attended Comic Con for the first time this year, I was inspired to restart this segment with so many new topics that I need to do. Here is my latest post which I will continue to update as books surprise me.

In Topic Tuesday I also plan on start some movie reviews, and I say some since there are many films that I am looking forward to but some are bigger than others, such as the Justice League that is just around the corner! This wouldn't be the first time that I talk about the Justice League to here it is

Now, I would like to promise that I will do hauls but as a college student, I just cant afford hauls all that much, but you better BET that whenever I have a chance to talk about it, I will go all out and do so just like I did here

And of course, I can not go without saying that I post reviews! I have started to try and read a few more classics and adult novels, but I would be lying to myself if I said that I still don't have a massive heart for my Young Adult Novels!