Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Topic Tuesday: First impressions

Episode 24: Bookish first impressions

So the first couple of chapters of a book are very important it can make or break a book but sometimes it might seem like the book wont be up your alley but then suddenly it is! 

One example for me is totally Cinder by Marissa Meyer and most recently, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Okay so with Cinder I started reading it about a year and 9 months ago and it had a lot of people talking during that time (the release of Cress was coming up) and so I decided to get it from the library and read it.... Yeah no, read the first 2 chapters and thought it was so boring >.> Hated it. Then months passed and the bookoutlet had the first 2 books really cheap and I decided to get them. I dont know why, if I felt strongly against the books already.

I guess its because its a Cinderella-like retelling. Anyways, I got the books and about a month later I start reading the first one again and freaking loved it! 

Finished the book hella fast , ordered Cress, started reading Scarlett and checked out Fairest from the library. and it was all I could talk about to anyone in real life. Its still the series I recommend the most to be honest.

Most recently I decided to finally start reading Red Queen ( I got it as a christmas present from my best friend - I had asked for it xD) Anyways, I started reading it and it felt really slow for me and I was scared I wasnt going to like it but I was not willing to put it down. I wanted to at least get half way through it before I dropped it. 

Im so glad I set that goal for myself !

It picked up soon after, like the book just gets better and better and I cant stopppp! I am starting to slow down on it because Im scared for it to end. I dont want it to end D:

Okay so those are 2 first impressions and then how I moved forward and loved them

Now, let me talk about another first impression that I didnt exactly love but I didnt give up on and I ask myself "were you on drugs?" every time I think of me reading it.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James

I knew about Fifty shades as it was still on Twilight Fanfiction. I would read fanfiction and everyone would be talking about Master of the Universe or whatever it was called. I had even gotten the copy of it sent to me before she fully deleted it. 

I had never read it before I got the copy and I didnt go into reading it until way later. When I realized that I HAD fifty shades of grey before it WAS Fifty shades of Grey.

How fucking hipster is that?!

Anyways, I had seen the trailer for the movie and loved it. I honestly like the trailer and I suspect its mainly because of the music, but I wanted to read the book. And lord jesus christ. I prayed for my soul every night. 

I stared to read the book and it was just awful. It was like reading badly written fanfiction... Which it had been ! I dont know why I expected anything different.
It took me a full freaking month of reading a page a day to finally tell myself to grow a pair, I was 18 and I could read it if I set my mind to it! And so I did... All of them... And gooooshhh it just didnt get better... WHY VALE WHY?! Why did you read them!

Whats worst, I recently read Grey.. Correction, I recently attempted and DROPPED Grey. 

Grey made Fifty Shades seem brilliant.....

Okay CHILL Vale CHILL!!!

What was I even talking about??

Right first impressions.. Thats.... That was that....

I have no idea what to say anymore after that outburst....

Another book that has managed to surprise me or rather might surprise others is the effect that some real life things that have evolved into books, and for this I am talking about the Hate You Give.

This book took the summer by storm and people grew increasingly excited as it got announced that it would be made into a movie. The book talks about Black Lives Matter and for some that was a good thing and others not so much. I HAD to pick it up as soon as I could and as soon as I did. I became addicted to it. I lived by this book! It honestly shook me to the core. My first impression of this was that I was going to be unable to relate but as I read it I found that I could, as a Latina and a minority, I really could in some way relate. And for it I love it.