Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Vale at SDCC: My San Diego Comic Con Haul

So this was my first year ever at comic con and I focused pretty hard on books! Now, I went Friday-Sunday and I had to work 2 of those days so I missed a great deal of things, that and I was exhausted so I would just not care.

Here are all my samplers, so many freaking samplers! I was very excited for some of these and can't wait to get to them.

ARCS! Yay for arcs! Arcs are always exciting, and as I mentioned in my video, I am very excited for some of these.

Dollar Comics! I love it! To be honest nowhere else have I seen comics for a dollar so I will probably only buy them at comic con.

Some bags, on the right, its the bag you get at comic con naturally and the Lost Boy one was being given away. Bags are essential at SDCC! I also had the chance to get a DC Icons shirt and was given a Vikings shirt when I got to work the both, it was super freaking cool and then of course, my 2 new funkos.

So this is a single poster that is signed on both sides by the authors, signed stuff is always so freaking cool.

Finished copies where being given out and it was so cool because 3 of these, I wont say which, I have attempted to read before, didn't love them but wanted to give them another chance and lo and behold! THEY WERE BEING HANDED OUT! It was fate.

Lord of Shadows poster! I had one in my hand when I was handed another one, who am I to complain. I plan on given it away so yay for extras.

random swag, buttons postcards. 

last 3 comics that I bought for a dollar.

The Renegades poster is such a high quality, im so surprised.

Okay so for We Have no idea, have you ever seen such an amazing personalization? He did this for everyone, he was incredibly kind and i'm so glad I got a chance to meet him!

Danika Stone was incredible, she was the first author that I get to meet in person that I loved and Im so glad that she was my first because it left such a positive experience in my head, im always so nervous when it comes to meeting people, specially people im a fan of but I feel like meeting her really pulled me out of my shell. 

It deserves its own picture, im so proud of it.

Lastly, more arcs!