Monday, December 19, 2016

Blogmas Day 7

On the seventh day of blogmas my true Jen gave to me

Day 7 : Create a Christmas Cookie Recipe

Shit... How??

Can I just tell you my flan recipe? I have honestly never done a successful cookie

Like flavor wise I can do it but I always burn the cookies. Well maybe not BURN but the cookies will be stone hard after a couple of hours. Same thing with brownies. Those are just 2 things I can't manage to get correctly for some fucking reason.

So I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I went ahead and told you to make some cookies and that they would be perfection if I can't even make them myself.


Get ready for this
Read EVERYTHING before attempting this.

12 eggs- oh yeah, you heard me right, this is a large flan!

6 cups of milk - fuck yeah

1 cup of sugar

Vanilla - to be honest I just pour until im satified. I guess go with a tablespoon and a half?

1 cup of sugar- this is for the bottom part.

What to do:

So in a skillet you will go ahead and pour a cup of sugar and let it heat a bit on MEDIUM heat for maybe 2 minutes and then put the fire on LOW and start stirring the sugar until the sugar has melted and is a golden brown color

This melted sugar you will now pour it on a glass pan. To be honest, doesnt matter how round it is or even if it is squared (I have never seen it squared though- so maybe stick to a round glass pan). Personally my glass pan is 8 inches in diameter and its maybe 4 inches tall. Be SUPER careful as you pour, this will be stupid hot. You WILL get injured if the sugar touches you.

Turn on your oven and preheat it at 325F. Place in a large rectangle metal pan with about an inch of water in which you will place your glass pan.

In a blender put in half of the ingredients (6 eggs, 3 cups of milk, all the vanilla, 1/2 a cup of sugar) and blend  it all until it is an even color. 

By this point, the sugar should be hard, (you mightve hear it cracking in the pan as it dried. Dont worry, this is normal as the sugar rapidly cools), pour in your egg mixture.

Repeat with the remaining ingredients. The reason I say put in HALF the ingredients is because unless you have a MASSIVE blender. they wont all fit haha xD So yeah, do half then the rest.

So your preheated oven should be ready, place in your glass pan that has your egg mixture into the pan holding the water and leave your flan in there for about an hour at 325F.

It might be ready a bit before or a bit after. The way you will know is that when you stick a knife in the center and pull it back out, the knife will come out CLEAN. 

Once it is done, remove the glass pan and leave it to cool for about an hour or 2 at room temperature BEFORE you put it in the fridge overnight. You wouldnt want to put it in the fridge right away because it could show the glass and well.. It could break. While the flan is stil hot, you can also move it around a little bit and coax the edges to seperate the flan from the pan and make it easy to remove later on. 

Tip: To remove the sugar from the skillet simply leave the pan filled with water overnight and by morning the sugar should be completely dissolved.

Flan is super freaking delicious and is actually very simple to make. It simply takes a long time for it to be ready. It is so worth it though.