Friday, December 16, 2016

Blogmas Day 4

On the fourth day of blogmas my true Jen gave to me

Day 4: My Perfect Christmas

Shit, I actually do not even know so let's just go with what I will probably do this year

I will go ahead and get my most comfortable pyjamas, get my biggest blanket, sit myself on my couch and watch netflix from sundown to sunset. During the day I will go ahead and do nothing but read The help once again. What will I watch on Netflix?

That is a real question since I have so much I need to catch up on! I will end up finishing Once Upon a Time, probably start The Crown, of course I need to watch The Grinch, I will need to look up the cartoon version and pop in my live action.

I totally relate to the live action by the way.

In my perfect christmas I would also drink nothing but rompope (like an alcoholic eggnog with a sharper taste of vanilla and egg) and eat flan (a mexican egg custard) all day

Now that I think about it this would probably bring a totaly of consuming over 2 dozen eggs in a 24 hour period which is actually pretty fucking gross.

I guess I could be making up for all the egg I didnt consume throughout the whole year xD
Still, when it is like that, it sounds disgusting. 

In this perfect Christmas I would also be having so many fucking presents to open but I know that I only have one waiting for me from my dear Johanna but hey, the rest of Christmas is still pretty damn perfect! Soooo
Christmas here I come!