Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Topic Tuesday: How I Review

Episode 11: How I review

You guys all have seen my reviews (if not you should check some out) but on this post I will tell you guys what my rates mean, why I post how I do and how I choose my books or how I decide which books will be posted what week.

Cover Picture: 
I will mostly be posting the picture of the cover I personally read, unless it's a cover that I liked way more than the cover I had, (and I will most likely mention something about the cover and how pretty it is)

0/5- I have never given a book a 0 out of five, I doubt I will ever give a book that xD I feel like all book should even get at least a 1 xD points for participation I guess xD a 0 would be a really bad fanfiction that is crude, in 5 languages and the plot story changes 10 times.
1/5- I MIGHT have given a book a 1 before, it would mean that the book is horribly written, maybe edited once, the plot went WAY off course, can't even be considered a plot twist.
2/5- I KNOW I have given a 2 before. It would mean that the book is a disapointment, MAYBE not so well written.. But mostly a great disappointment.
3/5- The book is OKAY, nothing too memorable but I don't hate it and would maybe recommend.
4/5- The book is GOOD, there might be a thing or 2 that I didn't personally like, I would totally keep in on my shelf though. It's shelf worthy.
5(MAYBE MORE)/5- The book is amazing, I will totally be having it on my shelf. I loved it, it has it all, I want to share it, I want to re-read it ad I cant wait for more. (if its more than a 5) It means I loved it to the moon and back, I will reread it a million times, I will give a space in the top shelf (the golden spot) and I will talk about it to anyone any chance that I get

Goodreads Decription: 
The description is for anyone who doesn't really know what the book is about or needs a fresh reminder of what the book is about. The description also gives me a sort of outline of what CAN be talked about without it being considered a spoiler. What is safe to say and what isn't.

Here go all my thoughts, feelings and opinions of the book, what it reminded me off and what I hoped would happen. Often times I don't make sense. But don't worry, in real life I hardly make sense either.
I am not proud of it.

Would I recommend it to a friend? I sometimes add an extra note or tone if necessary.

How I choose my books:
I don't really know, I just randomly get feelings of what books I will read next. If it is an un-released ARC I tend to make it my priority. Or if it is for an author that asked for a review (even if it is after release) I tend to try and make it a priority as well. If there is no ARC or author waiting, I simply go to my shelf and think of the summaries of the books and what I would like to read next.

When I post:
There are books I read back in January and have till not posted on my blog >.> Yeah, it happens. This mostly happens when I have an ARC that I really need to post before release or when I am in the middle of blog tours and have a review already set of that Thursday. Sometimes I read more than one book a week so those pile up. This is super helpful when I am in a reading slum and haven't gotten a new review written up, I can't simply schedule a past book and post it when needed xD. Oh the magic of scheduling.