Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Topic Tuesday: Authors I Love

Episode 12: Top 10 Authors I love

So they are in no particular order, these are authors I love and respect. I shall mention the first book I read by them or what I like about them or... IDK, something about them xD

So I have just decided I will add 5 honorable mentions- in them I will simply state the books I loved by them.

1. Andy Weir- The Martian
I dont even know what it is about this book exactly, I mean sure, it was funny and ... There is something about this book that you just can NOT, for your life, put down ! You want to see what happens next, what other insane disaster will happen.

2. Marissa Meyer- The Lunar Chronicles
When I first read this series, or started to read it I was like ugh not for me, then I attempted to read it again a year later and lord jesus christ! I was hooked! The action, the drama, the WORLD is amazing!

3. Stephanie Meyer- Twilight
Its the series that got me into reading. I think it deserves a spot on here for that.

4. Dawn Ius- Anne and Henry
I will always say the following about this book....
THE ENDING WAS PURE GENIUS!!!!! The ending for this book was epic as.. anything.
And plus, the author is super amazingly amazing!

5. Elizabeth Fama- Plus One
One of my favorite authors, for being a wonderful author who wrote a beautiful series and a beautiful world that I want to keep living in and to see what happens, but an author who is also incredible kind and super smart!

6. Kelly Oram- Cinder and Ella
I LOVE all of her books. Each and every single one of her books is super amazing! Cinder and Ella was the first book I ever read by her and its still one of my favorites up to date

7. J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter
I mean... If you dont love her, I dont know whats wrong with you. She has made something that is a part of everyone!

8. Leigh Bardugo- Six of Crows
This book!!! From the very first chapter I was hooked. I never have gotten so freaking excited over a book after the first chapter. That was some intense shit.

9. Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games
If you know anything about me, you would know that the hunger games is a huge part of me, that has seriously changed my life. 

10. Rick Riordan- Percy Jackson
His books are just EVERYTHING! They have drama, gods, sassyness. I just LOVE Percy and Annabeth, I can't get enough of his books !

Honorable Mentions:
Stephanie Perkins- Anna and the French Kiss series
Kiera Cass- The Selection Series
John Grogan- Marley and Me
Veronica Roth- Divergent Series
Gayle Forman- If I Stay Series

Who are YOUR favorite authors?