Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday B.S.: Francesca Burke

Saturday Blogger Special

Episode 11: Francesca Burke

This week I get to introduce Francesca from Indifferent Ignorance to some of you :D
She has recently starting book reviewing so lets welcome her in the way we bookworms do best !
Let's go ahead and start and find out more about her :D

Name: Francesca Burke

Picture of you: 

 (I like to maintain an air of mystery…)

Where can we stalk you?






How long have you been blogging about books and normally?
I started Indifferent Ignorance in 2009, mostly talking about my favourite band and stuff in the news that I thought was funny or stupid. I mentioned books here and there, but I started reviewing books this summer, for my Patreon page. I felt that asking for pledges every month or whenever I finished a bit of art was unfair, so instead people can pledge to donate every time I review a book.

One genre you would not review?
One of the other reasons I chose book reviews as my Patreon ‘thing’ because I missed really getting stuck into novels and wanted to get through my book list, so I’d be hesitant to review, say, a factual piece or textbook. That being said, there are a lot of hilarious fact books out there, so I’d consider travel journals and the like.

How would you describe your blogging style?
Rude bordering on inappropriate, funny (I hope) and slightly eccentric. I make up most posts as I go along, so there’s a lot that start with something I want to discuss, then I’ll get sidetracked and moan about the US presidential election or something…

V: I was going to use another image where it was "it happens" with a shrug BUT, lets appreciate tiny Nick Hoult

Current read?
Persuasion by Jane Austen.

Favorite part about blogging?
YELLING AT THE INTERNET. Telling the Internet to piss off somewhere else if it doesn’t like my little corner… also, my readers. Mostly my readers.

Top 5 TBR books
Bible of the Dead, The Scorpio Races, Frankenstein, #GirlBoss, anything by Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez.

V: Frankenstein is supposed to be a GREAT book, that SHOULD be on my TBR

One random thing about you
My dog Fred is watching me write this, his eyes boring holes into my soul, because he knows I know it’s dinnertime.

Thoughts on book trailers
I don’t watch that many; I’m usually underwhelmed. I love good film trailers, and a lot of book trailers just don’t have the same sense of urgency or excitement. That being said, most book publishers don’t work in the film industry… I’ll always be excited to see a trailer for a book I’m looking forward to, but I think the medium as a whole needs more Hollywood and less reliance on dodgy graphics (hire me).

V; I LOVE good film trailers, sometimes they can be even better than the movie !

Favorite superhero and/or princess
I’m not big into superhero stuff, but the Fabulous Killjoys will forever own my heart. Failing that (since they were really more vigilantes/terrorists than actual superhuman heroes), Loki. My favourite princess is probably Mia Thermopolis.

If you could go on an all-expense paid trip somewhere, where would you go?
I know a lot of people who are in or going to New Zealand; I’d love to go there. Or do a road trip across America. Or go interrailing across Europe. So everywhere. Also today I watched the first British astronaut propelled into space – a trip to the stars sounds pretty cool.

Favorite book character and why?
Oh god. Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase (actually, all the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus girls), Laila from A Thousand Splendid Suns... Matilda Wormwood, maybe. All of those girls/women are smart, independent and maintain their integrity in horrific circumstances; with the exception of Laila, I’d love to be them all for a day.

Most reread book?
Probably the Harry Potter series. I reread it every couple of years these days, but I first read Philosopher’s Stone at six or seven and went back over the first four or five books obsessively as a child.

Anything you wish to add can go here, anything at all.

Thank you very much for the interview! You made me realise how many books are on my to-read list…

You are VERY welcome, in a true bookworm way xD there is always a BUNCH of books to be read!

I want to thank Francesca for the interview and again, let's welcome her to the book community and check out her pages, all the links are mentioned above :D
I really hope to continue seeing your reviews in the future :D