Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Topic Tuesday: Feed the bookworm

Episode 8: Where to get books for less

So today I will be covering places in which I have personally bought books in the past and how I have fed my book addiction with. I will be talking about basic questions like what you can find, and shipping. All very short and to the point.

I am not being sponsored by any of these websites, I wish I was though xD #morebooks

I have bought SO much from the bookoutlet, I have literally spent hundreds and gotten hundreds of books xD I was addicted to buying from the bookoutlet for a couple of months, specially since they would send 5 dollar coupons with most of my buys, its like they KNEW I couldn't say no to buying more with those coupons. Their deals are just amazing. Here is a bit of info on the bookoutlet:
-They dont always have the books you might be looking for but when they DO, they are crazy cheap. You can easily get lost with all of the books available.
-Shipping is 4.05 for one book and 80 cents per book if you're located in Canada, for people in the U.S it is 3.99 for the first 2 books and then 50 cents for each book after that. International people will have to actually log on to the site and check out how much it would be for shipping. 
-Tracking is available
- You can get notified when a book you're looking for it available for purchase

-Free shipping ! You heard right! FREE SHIPPING! INTERNATIONALLY!
-Tracking available
-You can find ANY sort of book for a discounted price, even audiobooks
-Pre-orders can be made

-Each country has their own rules for shipping
-Tracking available
-You will DEFINITELY find any audiobook, eBook and physical book
- Pre-orders can be made
-Sometimes discounts are made to the books

I have definitely bought A LOT from here as well,  but must point out the the books are often USED. They do tell you before you purchase, in what condition the book can be found.
-Free standard shipping in the U.S on orders over 10 dollars
-Shipping is 2.99 for people in Canada and the UK FOR EACH ITEM
-Shipping is 5.99 for people everywhere else in the world  FOR EACH ITEM
-Discounted books
-Not all books are available but you may get notifications for when it is
-Different editions available for purchase
-Extra discounts are often offered

Again, tons of books bought
There isnt much to say except the following:
-try to find the cheapest book in the condition you want
-check to see if the seller is reliable 
-be patient

Library Sales

I have also bought my fair deal of books at library sales
- Its like a treasure hunt, you never know what you will find
-Pre-loved books
-Super cheap (have previously bought books for 25 cents-one bought 36 books for 9 dollars... Seriously)

#booksfortrade (instagram, twitter, even goodreads)

Be sure to check if the person you will be trading with is reliable, CHECK AROUND.
-Shipping can be very cheap depending on where the other trader is (for a single book exchange in the U.S its 2.72)
-Get rid of books you don't want in exchange for a book you do want
-In goodreads you will find who is a BAD trader and on twitter people will e very helpful in telling you who is a bad trader if you ask