Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Meritorium by Joel Ohman


Goodreads Description:
Under the System everyone is assigned a numerical Score that decides their worth to society and whether they live or die.

Charley has escaped from Meritropolis...

but in his quest to take down the System that has taken his brother from him, he must go through Meritorium, a city where gladiatorial games of life or death combat are waged between High Scores and Low Scores, man and beast.

Charley and Sandy must face man-eating plants, religious zealots, slave traders, and the ever present mutant animal combinations that roam a dystopian Coliseum presided over by Emperor Titus, the one man standing between Charley and the answers he seeks. Man is not an animal, but if they are to make it through Meritorium, will they even be able to tell the difference?

The lines between man and beast, friend and foe, will blur in Meritorium, the riveting sequel to the bestselling Meritropolis.

 So now that The Hunger Games is about to end in the next week... And here we all are trying our best not to cry at the ending...
And failing as well xD
We can now find comfort in this series!
This is KIND OF like The Hunger Games but not really xD
Does that make sense?
Its like the author saw the concept of The Hunger Games and was like "Okay, Suzanne, I see you, let me try." And simply took the BASIC concept of fighting for your life and scores and make his own world.
He nailed it xD
This book will keep you at the edge of your seat.
It also kind of reminds me of The Maze Runner.... ISH
All I know is that if you love dystopias, The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games you will LOVE Meritropolis and Meritorium.
This book is the type of book that you should read when you question why there are so many dystopian books and why you like them. 
This book will REMIND you why dystopians are so interesting and why you want them all on your shelf.
Ohman did a wonderful job at creating this world and he has renewed my love for dystopian novels.