Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Topic Tuesday: Book Borrowing Pros vs Cons

Episode 6: Book Borrowing Pros Vs Cons

These can all be apply as book borrowing vs buying xD

The borrowing of a book could be from a friend or the library.

-You don't waste money if you don't like the book: Self explanatory. There are some books out there that you might not be fully sure if you're into or will be into and the library or a friend can save you from spending money on that book. This would be particularly true if its a school book that you have to read xD SPECIALLY when you only ended up reading 5 pages and the book is boring as hell and you will never read it ever again -.- Im looking at you Mr. Collins Not just that though, being a bookworm can be expensive, my book collection is seriously worth a small fortune and consider myself extremely blessed to have half of the books I do. If you're a bookworm that likes to change your books all the times and don't have the money to buy, the library is your best friend. I will also, however, me making a post (hopefully in the near future) about how you can get more books for WAAAAY cheaper than the cover price)

-You get someone new to talk to about the series: If you borrowed the book from a friend (assuming that friend has already read it) you will get a new buddy to discuss the book with. Example: I talk to everyone that listens about The Lunar Chronicles and FINALLY a friend took me up on an offer to borrow my books and read them. In the end, he ended up liking the book and I ended up giving him my extra copies of the series (my paperback copies) in exchange for a hardback of the second book (although I have it in paperback the rest are hardbacks and I feel the need for all of them to be the same). BUT! the point is that I now have someone outside of bookstagram to talk about the series to xD So yay for that!

- Save Space: Because you only keep them for a limited time, you get to save space on your shelf. I recently had to buy 2 new bookshelves because of the amount of books I had, if I checked out books from the library, I wouldn't have had to do that. Thankfully though, it doesn't look like I will be having to buy any shelves at all within the next 2 years xD But still, that's 50 dollars I could have used on something else.

- Introduced to a new book you probably would not have picked up yourself: This kind of goes hand in hand with what I said before, I mentioned a new series to a friend of mine and he thought it was decent enough to continue reading it. Whether he himself would've come across the series himself, we wouldn't know but, thing is that it happened xD 

-Wide Variety: While the book you want might not always be available, there are hundreds of other books that ARE! At any moment you can get any book that is available, without having to ask for money or permission from anyone but yourself.

-Limited time: When you check out a book from the library you can only have it for a certain amount of time. This is relevant when you're a slow reader or you're reading multiple books at a time. If you're the one letting someone borrow a book, it might be MONTHS! before you get your book back at all xD

-Not Available: The book you want to read might be checked out at the time so you have to wait until its available and if the book is in high demand, it might take MONTHS before you get your hands on it. So if you want to read it for the first time or re-read it right away, you're pretty much screwed XD you have to be patient. If you're hoping to borrow from a friend , your friend might not have the book you want, even the library might not have it. In my personal case, im the one to go to when you want to borrow a book, the only other person that has more than 10 books (Hi Gerardo) either has the same books I have or books that aren't my cup of tea. So my only choice ever, is the library xD.

- Damaged: If you borrow a book from the library or someone, there is always a risk that the book is damaged in some way. If its the cover, its fine, it doesn't damage the content. But SOMETIMES (when I have borrowed from the library) there are mystery stains that can be found in the pages that I just hope is chocolate that can sometimes make the reading a bit hard. If you damage the book BIG time, you might have to end up paying for the book completely, no matter what you feel for the book, and you don't even get to keep it. If you borrow a book from someone, you are always you better be fearful about damaging the book
So there is a great deal of reasons why borrowing books is great, so dont frown or be scared of the library or asking friends for books. Any bookworm would be glad to get any fellow friends addicted to reading as well... Unless you have a habit of loosing or damaging things........

Missed any pros or cons? email me and let me know Subject line: Book Borrowing