Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday B.S: Jenny @ HelloJennyReviews

Saturday Blogger Special

Episode 7: Jenny @HelloJennyReviews

So I will now be spotlighting bloggers as well!
In this tag I will be interviewing bookworms and introducing them to you guys each week! My goal for this is that you get to know these amazing bloggers, bookstagrammers, reviewers or whoever they are. To get a little more personal with them. Sure they share their opinion with you and event pictures and get to interview authors, but who gets to interview them and put them out there and show people who amazing they are?!

Now, feel free to interview your own blogger friends and join the tag :D This is all about getting to know other bloggers, get connected with bookworms all over the world :D
The only thing I do ask is that you do give me credit for this small tag, no you dont have to give me any sort of shoutout, but a link back to my blog even on just one letter would be great xD

Now, this week I get to talk to a close friend of mine in the bookworld, Jenny !
Lets get to it!


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1. How long have you been blogging?
About 3 years. I started off really crappy with just a mix of stuff and then I decided to do book reviews. THEN I found booktube.

2. How did you come up with your blog name?
Uhh. Well, first it was just some crappy, generic name, book-a-holics, but then I wanted to stand out and it was going to be HelloKittyReads but some NASTY person told me authors wouldn't like my name having a copyrighted character in it so from there I came up with HelloJennyReviews. Combines my name, something I love and my passion for writing reviews. So it worked.

V: Many people know of this NASTY person and would agree with her being NaStY

3. What do you look for in a book?
Love, lies, pain, torment, adventure, chaos. I like it rough. Haha!

4. What to do you include in your reviews?
I normally just for a small overview of the books title and some of the things that I liked. Then I get into individual characters, plot, world building and all that stuff.

5. Top 5 TBR books
1) Scarlet(currently reading), Cress and Winter - I am binge reading these, I guess.
2) Carry On
3) The Selection series
4) Consent by Nancy Ohlin - Student-Teacher relationship! Meeooww
5) Ten Thousand Skies Above You - UGH I neeed to finish this so bad

6. One random thing about you
I have horrendous OCD. I have tried to put my books in plenty of other orders but ABC by author is how it has to be now. I also have to have everything clean. I cannot focus when stuff is a mess.

7. If you were stuck on an island and you could only have 3 books with you, which books would they be
My Nook... Does that count? Bwahahaha. But if I HAD to choose.. UGH. A Thousand Pieces of You, my huge leather bound book of everything Edgar Allan Poe annnnddd Fangirl.

8. Blogging strengths or weakness
Strengths... hmmm. I will say that I am good at making things creative. I make pictures for everything and I can't have a plain, boring review. I like being colorful.
Weakness is definitely deadlines. I do Author Spotlights which means I have to have a book read by a certain time in order to post the spotlight on the date the author chooses and it can be hard because sometimes I just want to read whatever the hell I want and not something I HAVE to.

9. Favorite Series
Mara Dyer was one. Fireebird trilogy by Claudia Gray will probably be on. The Lunar Chronicles is becoming one. Shine trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready.
V: The Lunar Chronicles is totes mine!
10. Author you are dying to meet
Claudia Gray, Marissa Meyer, Jeri Smith-Ready(who lives in my state-cries-) and Rainbow Rowell. I have met over 50 authors in the past 2 years.

V: Marissa Meyer is totally one of my as well! And 50 authors? Adopt me!

11. Ebook, audio book, paperback or hardcover?
Ebook or paperback to read, hardback to collect. Audio books... hmm, I think I have only listened to 2. One being The Fault in Our Stars because I could not get through that mind numbing book by reading it.

12. Most reread book?
A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray. I dont reread many books.

13. How often do you post on your blog?
It used to be daily or close to it. Now I am on a sort of break trying to get my life together. I love blogging and it's one of my biggest outlets for stress but sometimes I just can't make myself sit down and do anything. Plus my external hard drive with all my reviews and pictures is acting up so I can't get to any of my reviews.

V: You know a blogger is serious when they have their reviews on external hard drives :o

14. Current wallpaper? *include pictures*

15. Any blogging tips for new bloggers/reviewers?
It's hard. If you want to do it then do it but know that you will be waiting years to get review books, if that is the reason you want to do it. I own over 1100 books so I started blogging because I wanted to review what I owned. After 3 years I still don't get that many reviews books. So please don't go into this thinking OH YAY FREE BOOKS!!! Because that isn't the right attitude to have. Also, be kind. The book community is amazing. We do get a few crazies here and there but the majority of the people I have met have been completely wonderful. Get involved with others. Make an instagram account and a twitter account. Make business cards. Make bookmarks. Just have fun with it. This was supposed to be a hobby but I don't think there is a way for book blogging to BE a hobby. It takes up just as much time as my actual job and I enjoy that.

So this was Jenny! Even though she is my personal friend, I still learned something new xD 
Don't forget to check out Jenny's blog and profiles, and stay tuned for next weeks Saturday B.S