Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Topic Tuesday: Books coming to life

Episode 7: Books becoming TV shows or Movies

I feel like there is a lot to say about books coming to life and that there are a ton of ways that I could do this post.... Therefor I don't have a freaking clue as to how I will do this xD and the post will probably not have a solid structure xD

I feel like a great deal of movie/show adaptations take so much away from the books, there are details that are skipped or even changed, sometimes very little sometimes A LOT !
You read the book and then you watch the movie and it's just like-

For me the best movie adaptation that I have seen is The Martian... Its just VERY similar to the book, not exact, there is a thing or two that is changed and a couple that are just not in the movie at all but its simply because of time and it's not very necessary details. The book does this thing in which they things said are very smart but... basic people (like me) can understand it as if they were part of NASA themselves xD It makes me feels all sorts of smarts and stuffs and things. 
It's an epic book, ive been reading it very slowly because I just don't want it to end u.u

Its understandable that way, when films skip a thing or two because otherwise the movie would be 5 or 6 hours long >.> but when they change it? No.. just no.

Another movie that I personally think they did an okay job, not the best, they still skipped a bunch of things but that didn't change the plot was Harry Potter. Sure, the eyes were supposed to be green and not blue, but seriously, could anyone else be Harry besides Dan? I didn't so!

What I mean about small details is the following:
A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were having an argument, like actually yelling at each other and making calls to other people, about Harry Potter.

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILMS OR READ THE BOOK!-Ill be trying NOT to spoil but write in a way that if you HAVE seen it you know what im talking about

So when a certain Professor puts the real Gryffindor Sword at the bottom of a small lake, in the movies, its not really clear how the certain Professor knew where the kids were at the time. That is a detail that is not found in the movies. However, in the book is DOES mention how the Professor knew, because Hermione opened her bag as she said the location and the portrait overheard.

Sure, its not a HUGE detail but it would saved some arguments xD Like the one we had. YES, we had both read Deathly Hallows, but I simply didnt remember at the time. I see why they did that though, it gave it more of a shock factor when you find out about the Professors real feelings xD

Now, onto the bad movie adaptations.
Okay bad just sounds horrible.

But seriously, not so great adaptation-

Percy Jackson.
*tomato gets thrown at my face*
DON'T get me wrong. I'm still a fan, but anyone that read the books then saw the movies KNOWS that its seriously a bad adaptation >.> When I went to go see Sea of Monsters, I was SO freaking mad when I got out, I was downright rude to everyone around me. It was seriously freaking horrible to me >.> If I'm being perfectly honest about it all, I only own the movies because I like the actors xD and the only reason I wish they would finish the film series completely is because there is a part of me that hopes they would get better >.> 
But.. That's just not going to happen

Another adaptation that is bad but for another reason
Loved the movie to death
BUT its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than the book, they are both epic in their own worlds xD I saw the movie before I read the book u.u 
I know.
But as I read the book I was like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! This wasn't in the movies >.> I said that every single page xD
Eventually I understood that I needed to stop comparing the works cuz I wasn't going to find any similarities besides the names xD
The book was good and the movie had a

 strong storyline.

The Vampire Diaries is another adaptation that is WAY different (the books are just like... This isn't what I saw XD Seriously, they borrowed the characters and that's it. It's sad really), but in this case I enjoy the show move than I did the books. 

Correction, I liked season 1-3 more than the books.
To be honest 4-7 haven't been doing it for me u.u


Its scary when you find out that a series you like will come to the big screen. Like sure, its epic news and you cant wait to see who will play who and who will direct and doing all our research to try and visualize absolutely everything and rioting when an actor gets casted that you dont believe is correct for the part (Paul Wesley should have played Edward Cullen).

But when you sit down and think about movie/show adaptations in the past, you start to realize that maybe its not the best thing that could possibly happen to you as a fan xD
Recent example: If you have read City of Bones in the past and have seen the trailer for the new show, you can tell that it'll be WAY different already. 
Keep in mind its MONTHS away but here we are, already different.

My favorite series is currently The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer I'm obsessed and if I'm being perfectly honest I'm scared that if it was to ever be picked up for a deal in a movie or show, that they would ruin the series u.u 
Well, not RUIN because I could always just stick to the books and ignore the movies but in other peoples eyes, (that probably saw the movie before reading the books) they will think that that is the way it's supposed to be when it truly isn't...

Which kind of leads me to another point.
"You're not a real fan."

Have any of you ever heard that? When someone has seen a series and they become super into it and they haven't read the books that go with that series. 

Like, for example, Twilight. 
That a Twilight (or any other book to movie series) fan became a super fan after watching the movies but haven't read the books and they go on Instagram and somehow announce that they have never read the books and people are like, "HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A SUPER TWILIGHT FAN IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS. YOU'RE A FAKE FAN." 
Y'all think I'm kidding but I'm not. 
I have seen it happen.
And it bugs me to no end. 
Like SO WHAT. 
If you haven't read the books for a series you really like... It doesn't mean you're any less a fan than the person who HAS read the books, you can't measure that xD There is a ton of reasons for which a person might not read the books for a series they like.

Did I or did I not warn you that this discussion would be all over the place xD

What do YOU think about books coming to life? 
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