Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Topic Tuesday: Pet Peeves

Episode 3: Pet peeves

So today I will be talking about bookish pet peeves that I have, in no particular order, but they just kind of irritate me.

1. The price of books

All I want in life is to be able to buy a wall full of books without having to sell half of my organs u.u I mean seriously, my latest example will be Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Illustrated book. 40 U.S Dollars? PLUS TAX?! Whats up with that?! I often time wait a really long time after the release of a book in order to buy it so I can find it on sale. Except when it came to Marissa Meyer's Winter, I totally already pre-ordered that xD Its the most expensive book I've bought. By that I mean I have paid full price for the hardcover. Libraries don't always have newer books u.u

2. Cover changes

So this one isn't HUGE specially since the newer covers are so freaking beautiful and some of my favorite book covers BUT, the problem is that I will always wonder what the last book cover would've been , like they show you what Lola and Anna kind of look like, but you don't get Isla. You know? Like its a totally different cover and they didn't show you what it would've been. Also, say I was sticking with the book buying up to date and bought the books as soon as they came out, they would be different when the last book came out! I would be stuck with different cover styles and that would seriously bother me D: 

3. Broken spine books

WHY WOULD YOU HURT A BOOK LIKE THAT! I am by no means rich, I cant afford to always buy myself a book and specially books that are full priced u.u So I often go to used book sales, and maybe I am being picky and I get some people break the spines of books on purpose, but I just dont get why. Like I dont see how breaking a spine on purpose is good u.u Now, how this applies to me in real life. I let a friend borrow one of my Harry Potter paperbacks and when she gave it back, I noticed the spine was broken >.> WHYYYYYY

4. Not getting your book back for months

I have let friends borrow books in the past, a lot, I LOVE letting people borrow books that I rave about and recommend. What irks me is when they take years and year to return my book.
Like, if you didn't want to read it, it's fine, you have different tastes than I do... But don't take forever. It normally wouldn't bother me if its a book I am not attached to, but when its a book I want to seriously reread and then you ask for it back and they are like, oh i'm about to start reading it but they don't and they take more time to return it... Then I have a problem.

5. People that brag about ARCs

Okay, so you get an ARC and you want to post how excited you are about it and post when youre reading it. TOTALLY OKAY BY ME! WE ARE ALL EXCITED FOR YOU!
But when they started saying that they mustve gotten it because they are one of the best blogs out there or that they stop talking to people with smaller blogs or IGNORE people that ask simple questions about blogging after they have received a highly popular ARC just irritates me. Like no, I do not believe that getting an ARC makes you better than anyone and you should FEEL like you're better than anyone else. 
Im just like 

So get off your high horse, read and review the book just like all the other book blogs out there. Every blog is different and every blog has their epicness to it.