Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Want more of...

Episode 22: Want more of...

Today I will be briefly talking about some series or books that I wished would continue on and bring more, and how I would want more if it 
Sure there are more than I mentioned that I need more off but these are just like... Im freaking dying over here

The Lunar Chronicles- Marissa Meyer

I aint ready to let go of Thorne and Cress, Cinder and Kai, Iko, Scarlett and Wolf.. ANY OF THEM!

I need all their weddings and kids and happiness all around!

Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling

I mean.... the script book thats gonna be released just does cut it for me! I need more hogwarts adventures! Maybe Harrys kids or even a small in the life of Harry after marriage! Him asking Ginny for her hand to the Weasleys! something!

Percy Jackson- Rick Riordan

I will not rest until I get a Percabeth wedding and kids. College Percabeth was going to be interesting and I wont rest until I read this from Riordan himself! Fanfiction just doesnt cut it for me
Twilight- Stephanie Meyer

To be honest, I will not rest in peace until I get Midnight Sun, thats all I need to be happy with this
Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

THIS! So I  know they somewhat announced that they would continue but thats lionsgate, thats not Suzanne Collins, I need some Suzanne Collins Hunger Games, I just wish she would write a couple spin off stand alones like with Snows coming to power, Haymitchs' game, Finnicks Game, maybe Peetas point of view... Which would be epic for Mockingjay, and... well there is a lot of stories that still need to be told! Suzanne, I think I speak on behalf of the fandom... Make this happen please

Plus One- Elizabeth Fama

I need to know what happens right after the ending of this book! This is a stand alone (for now) and when I finished the book I freaked out, like OMG!!!!!!!! No there had to be more, maybe my copy was defective! So i ordered another book and needless to say... it wasnt defective, that WAS the end of the book... SO i gave my extra copy to my then neighbor and got her into the book as well XD
Elizabeth... If youre reading this, its because I have purposebly tagged you on twitter because I want you to read this because I need to have more of Sol and Darcy and its been over a year since I read this book and my birthday is coming up (the 12th) and this is a subtle (NOT) hint at my need for even a small piece of what they do next......