Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Social Media

Episode 20: Social Media

UGH where can I go with this?

I do it, I do it big time...

Maybe too much

Well... no..maybe... What I think is too much is when its completely changing you and youre only focusing on followers or likes like its just a number you need to reach and youre completely ignoring the fact that the people who are retweeting or reblogging on liking all of your stuff is actually real people not robots.. As long as youre not changing yourself to other people will like you and following you. As long as youre not staying home in the dark on social media instead of being out with friends or something you SHOULD be doing... 

I have a lot of pages and things I am keeping updated but thats because I have a lot of time that I am not going out with friends. Not BECAUSE im on social media but because everyones schedule is different and we dont have much time to all hang out 

What to do I have?

Instagram: I have a few and I will mention them in order from most active to least active

@jenniferlawrence.daily its easy to maintain active with so many wonderful pictures and things about her (daily- about 6 posts a day)

@thejoshutch again,.. hes a babe (daily-about 3 posts a day)

@liamhemsworthdaily HELLO!! hes my husband! (daily-about 2-3 posts a day)

@emmawatson.daily shes freaking perfect in every little thing (daily 2-3 posts a day)

@valesbookshelf I often forget to take pictures of books which is why I dont post often (weekly- I make sure to post at least once a week)

@lol.someone.finally yeeaahhh.. cats (make sure to post once every 6 months)


Well here we are... you be the judge of how often I post... I actually write down my reviews on a notebook and then when I have free time at school I go for a couple of hours or at home, and schedule and write a bunch of posts.... Like a BUNCH of posts 

Now, there is TUMBLR which I have and use it to find pictures but to be honest I dont do much reblogging or posting at all worth mentioning... Youtube... eh, I sometimes go on youtube and stay there about an hour but some days I dont go on it at all... Twitter- SOMETIMES I remember to post on twitter and I will but not as often as I should

Facebook you ask?

Yeah no I dont have facebook and I dont plan on it either to be honest, I got over facebook a while ago and deleted my account