Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Vampires

Episode 16: Vampires

To be honest I will mainly be talking about vampires from Twilight and Vampire Diaries as well as the typical stereotypes of vampires.
Just because thats what I know the most of

I feel like I shouldve talked about this back in October... Its all good though because I talked about Zombies so its all well and fine.

So I guess I will mention the stereo types for vampires and compare them to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries

1. Stake through the heart

Twilight- Nopes, they have to be pulled apart and burned in order for them to die 

The Vampire Diaries (TVD)-Yups, even a pencil piercing their skin is supposed to hurt

2. Turn into bats (can fly)

Twilight- Nah, they can run fast though

TVD- In the show they can jump super high and it appears as if they were flying but they aren't

3. Can't cross running water

Twilight- False, they totally can, vamps can enjoy the rivers as well

TVD- Don't quote me on this but I believe that in the book they cant but in the show they can

4. Can't be seen in mirrors

Twilight- Nah, they can, I believe Bella asks this at one point

TVD- They can, at least in the show they can, I dont remember this about the book

5. Can't eat garlic

Twilight- Its not that they can't eat it, but any sort of food is unpleasant for these vamps

TVD- Nopes, they can eat it 

6. Got fangs

Twilight- Nah, just really sharp teeth

TVD- They retract back into their gums which I think is really cool but painful

7. Burned by sunlight

Twilight- They freaking SPARKLE which isnt cute

TVD- Yups, unless they got a ring thats made to protect them from daylight

8. Blood drinkers

Twilight- They wouldnt be vampires if they didnt drink blood

TVD- Again, they wouldnt be vampires if they didnt do this 

Not gonna lie, this post feels pretty dry but it's late here and I already had this post made but somehow it all got lost and I had to remake it but it didnt turn out as cool as the first one :(