Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday B.S.: Abbeysbooksandmore

Saturday Blogger Special
Episode 14: Abbey from Booksalamode

This week I get to welcome Abbey!
I have been following her bookstagram page for a long long while now and now I get to interview her and all that good stuff
Can we admire that beautiful picture of Red Queen, like I want to print that on a canvas and hang it

I JUST might do that one of these days.
its just too gorgeous

Picture of you:

Where can we stalk you?

Hallam Abbey



Goodreads :
Abbey Hallam


  really want to get to know me. Pinterest I'm addicted - Abbey Hallam -- User name

Also Tumblr:  Booksalamode-abbey … 
And the app called Book Amino - Booksalamode

1. How long have you been blogging?
 About 2 years

2. How did you come up with your blog name?
 I love books and ice cream. I also have an obsession with foreign things. and accents. So alamode . French for with Ice cream. Also means something with fashion. Haahah mostly the ice cream part drew me in .

(V: NO WAY!!!! I FINALLY GET THAT LINE FROM CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! When it snows ice cream and then the news is like blah blah a la mode
You have changed my life)

3. Blogging must haves 
 Music, water, and a funny attitude.

4. One hyped book you haven’t read? 
  Harry Potter ** Runs and hides under bed* *But to make It up I have watched all the movies. 
(V:... no... way....... no.....)

5.  One book you wish you haven’t read?
 To be honest I cant think of one right now.

6. How has your blogging improved over time?
 it has improved from more of me instead of other blogs promos stuff

7. thoughts on subscription boxes?
 Umm I think they are cool unless nobody subscribes .

8. Coffee or tea 
 Neither water or hot coco

9. favorite part about blogging 
 Just sharing what I love

10. Tips for new reviewers?
 Don’t fake your review. Authors like honesty but not bashing. Do not bash!!!

(V: VERY important!)

11. How do you choose your next read?
 I pray .. Jk I normally try to choose it off my shelf of tbr. Cus I have so many TBR ( To Be Read) Books on my shelf that your head would explode.

12. One random thing about you?
 I own over 126 bottles of nail polish .

(V: SOUL SISTER! ME TOO!!!! I have over 2 shoe boxes PACKED with nail polish! I collected them before I got into books XD Now I spend my money on books instead of nail polish xD BUT SOUL SISSSTTEERR where have you been all my life!)

13. Current phone wallpaper? 
 The ocean with a book.

14. About how many books do you own? 
 To many, but not enough . Guessing here maybe 210
         **Happy Dance**


Thank you SO much for being here this week. I loved knowing a bit more about a fellow book blogger, as always, its a complete joy ! Specially now that I know that another fellow book blogger also owns a crazy amount of nail polish just like me xD
Seriously, if you tell me you own more than 150 movies, you will seriously be my freaking twin xD

Anyways! Guys, thanks for reading and be sure to check out all of her pages and her blog and all the good stuff! Ill see yall next time!