Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Sex in Books

Episode 18: Sex Scenes in Books

So I feel like this weeks topic is a bit uncomfortable BUT its a topic straight from the jar

WOW, I just realized... 18 weeks doing this !

This is the second week in a row in which I will be talking about Fifty Shades of Grey because it is the only book that I have read that has any sex scenes

Sure I have read the occasional young adult book that simply and tastefull HINTS towards sex between the characters but Fifty Shades of Grey does NOT do that

I talked about my first impression about the book last week and if you read that (Click here if you haven't) youll know that it was quiet the awful experience for me to read the books (Fifty Shades of Grey) but I was excited about the movie (darn good trailer mostly cuz of the music) and I was a freaking adult and was tired of turning as red as a tomato every time anyone mentioned anything regarding sex. So it was something I felt I needed to do 
To grow the hell up

WHYYYYYY did I feel that way, WHYYYY did I do that to myself!

Anyways, one thing I always ask myself every time I come across an erotic novel on kindle or bookstagram or scene in fanfiction (yeah I read that) I wonder what the author is thinking while writing it? Like how the hell a scene comes to be

Now, I ask myself what the hell the author was thinking after every sentence in FSOG 

I get it, many people enjoyed that scene and maybe i'm thinking too much of it by trying to figure out what is going on in peoples mind when they enjoy certain things or why they do certain things.

Maybe if I wasnt like that I wouldve enjoyed the book as well.

Now, one thing I will say about the scenes in FSOG is that now I dont turn as red when someone mentions anything sex related so thats a plus.

In young adult books that I have come across that have hinted sex scenes, I mostly find those to be somewhat cute since the characters mostly end up knowing each other for a while and all this cute and fluffy stuff and you get this fade to black type of moment like in a moment in which the audience simply can guess whats going on instead of getting all the gruesome details in which it can sometimes be too much.

Maybe im a romantic and thats WHY I think those scenes are better but other people think that its way too cheesy and blah blah blah

You know, this is a very non fun topic tuesday and now instead of questioning my reading choices I question why I decided on this topic.

Just... Lets just act like this was a very question rising topic tuesday

Have a wonderful week