Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Topic Tuesday:Change in reading with the seasons

Episode 1: Do your reading habits change with the seasons?

Note: I tend to go all over the place in real life to the point were sometimes I don't even make sence, so expect me to be all over the place with my discussions as well xD I usually type as i think, it's quiet horrible really, yall should see me texting xD Half of the time it's like im drunk texting, my thoughts run way too fast for me to comprehend you feel?

But hey! At least you all know that I’m being real with what I say lol But hey, I will hopefully be getting a beta reader for these things.

Some people start reading summer flings during the summer, or stories involving the beach.  

Or darker books during fall; trying to get ready for Halloween.  

Personally, I like to believe that my reading habits haven’t changed since I became an avid book reader except that I read A LOT more and its harder for me to control my book buying.

 Some book worms enjoy outdoors adventures 

 OTHER bookworms like reading ABOUT adventures while in the comfort of their homes, so MAYBE that is why some people in the book world start leaning towards certain types of books based on the current season.

Example of what I mean: I spend a huge amount of time on bookstagram and as summer started I had began to realize that many people started rearranging their TBR list (to be read) so summer romances and adventures would be on the top of their lists. I would often see pictures of fellow readers at the beach or the pool with a Nicholas Sparks book,  Jane Greens’ Summer Secret out on a bench under the tree or the Hobbit while out on a trip overseas.

Now that Fall has started and people are starting to get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, people are taking out their thriller books or stories of love and forgiveness. Pumpkins are being dusted and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being bought.

Now, I’m a PSL fan as much as the next person (addict is more accurate)
 but I the only thing I really change when it comes to seasons is my Netflix queue and my clothes… Just Kidding, I live in southern California, I don’t really change my clothes xD there are only 2 types of weather down here. Hot and super-hot. 

POINT ISSSS, I don’t really plan out my readings.

When I first started blogging I tried that, specially so I could punch out weekly reviews on time, not stress out about school work getting in the way and all that good stuff. 




The thing about me trying to force myself to read something at a certain time was that it makes me not want to read at all. It starts to feel like homework or a chore.
 Over the winter time I pretty much made a schedule to try and have a certain amount of books read before I went back to school. It worked for a week or two before I wanted to throw all my books out the window and started to regret all the buys I had made for books.(About 45 or plus books in about a month)

I think it was mainly because it all started to seem repetitive. You start to notice a pattern in books that you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you read a variety of things. When summer came around, sure, I wanted to pick up a summery book and read it.

And I did…

Because I wanted to at the moment and I wasnt forcing myself to read it BECAUSE it was summer and as soon as I finished, I went on to read World War Z.

Now, if you have read World War Z in the past you know that it is definitely not a happy read xD Its bloody, it’s scary and it’s amazing. 
  By the way, not at all like the movie.  

Back to the point.

I change what I read a lot, I can’t even read just one book at a time, I have to read like 3 or 4 at the same time and they are all different or else I get bored.

Another reason for that is that something I see in my day to day life will remind me of a book and then I can’t even continue reading what is on my bedside table until I started reading the book I have in mind. 

Recently I saw a video of Twilight on my instagram feed, and then I wanted to watch the movie so I dropped everything and watched it. But after watching the movie, I wanted to reread the book… I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I finally picked up the book and reread it xD That’s just the way I personally am.
By the way, I'm a Twilight fan, deal with it.

But as fast as I can pick up a book and read it, I can also drop it and put it back on my shelf to read another one. No idea if anyone relates to this. 

This actually just happened with The Illuminae Files, I got SUPER into the book and binge read about 100 pages or so and then the next day I started reading something else andddd well… I haven’t picked up Illuminae again …

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to your seasonal TBR piles, some people get inspired to read certain books at certain times (and they arent forcing themselves) and others (like me) have absolutely no idea what book will be their next victim.

What about you? Do you change your reading habits according to the season? Email me and let me know