Thursday, July 5, 2018

Review: The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger


Goodreads Description:
A funny, often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist: what if one of them couldn't stop slipping in and out of time? Highly original and imaginative, this debut novel raises questions about life, love, and the effects of time on relationships.

Audrey Niffenegger’s innovative debut, The Time Traveler’s Wife, is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-three and Henry thirty-one. Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono-Displacement Disorder: periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life, past and future. His disappearances are spontaneous, his experiences unpredictable, alternately harrowing and amusing. 

The Time Traveler’s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare’s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view. Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives, pursuing familiar goals—steady jobs, good friends, children of their own. All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control, making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.

When I started to read this book, I was instantly hooked but somewhere in the middle I got a sense of deja vu that simply made it feel like I had already read the book at some point in my life but that made no sense because I didn't even own the book until the very moment I decided I wanted to read it, which made it funny, considering the topic of the book. Anyways, I loved this book, I found it outstanding how this book managed to tell a story across different timelines without spoiling and always managing to tie all the ends together AND SOMEHOW NOT GET CONFUSING FOR THE READER! Huge huge props to Niffenegger for that. I had seen the movie a long time before I read the book (no, that's not where the deja vu came from, it was mundane details in the book that gave me deja vu, things not in the movie) and so I knew what was going to happen towards the end but damn it, it still hit me like a ton of bricks. This is a true love story, one that will stick with you and make you feel all kinds of shit 

Recommend it?
If love stories are your thing, yeah, but I could see how this would not be everyone's cup of tea.