Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Ebooks Vs Physical Books

Episode 23: Ebboks vs Physical
I am a HUGE fan of physical books because seriously, nothing beats being able to hold a book in your hands and being  able to flip the pages as you read.
Don't get me wrong, a book is a book and I love them non the less. But the reason I will always pick a physical book over an ebook is because I get sick...
Ever since I became an avid reader my sight has started to get blurry. Now, its not that bad but it is noticeable.
Glasses are expensive soooo I am still glassless xD
"You can zoom in with an ebook"
You can but these past couple of months whenever I spend a little too much time in front of a screen, my eyes start to burn and then I get all nauseous >.> Its a horrible feeling really
And when I read, I like to binge read!
I have sadly had to delicine books in the past that are offered as ebooks because I just know it will take me longer to get through than a normal book. I will only accept an ebook if I am absolutely DYING to read and I force myself to get past the burn xD
Ebooks are pretty great for me right before I go to sleep though, I don't like wasting a lot of light in my house so about an hour before I sleep, I turn off the light no matter water. I try to keep the lights to a minimum so sometimes I don't even turn them on at all, when this happens, I pull out my tablet and read from there or watch Netflix or whatever.
The point?
I cant save light with a physical book at night.
But heck, it isn't a law so if a physical book is damned good, I will pull an all nighter if needed to finish the book xD
This actually recently happened with Walk on Earth a Stranger, seriously in love with that book at the moment!
So to answer... I do prefer physical books over ebooks but sometimes ebooks can be practical, specially because you can carry like 100 books in a tablet for the space or weight of a single book