Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Topic Tuesday: Book Duplicates

Episode 23: Book Duplicates yes or no?

For me..... I want to say no, why would I do that if I already have the book once

But im guilty of this xD

I was SUPER guilty of this when it came to Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles. 

For TLC I had the books in hardback, paperback, AND Ebook, and I wanted the ARCs as well >.> 
Then one day I was like I need to get a grip of myself and gave the paperback copies to a friend I had been talking to about TLC a lot and he wanted to check them out so I was like well HERE! Have these !

Amazing friend, I know !

I also gave up on getting the ARCs even though I would love to read the differences between the finished copy and the ARC

Here is why I dont like book duplicates- if I did have duplicates for all the books I love, I would not have much space. For some people they have duplicates because they LOVE the series a lot and want to have the latest cover. THAT I totally understand, but the thing I dont understand is when people have like... 2 hardcovers that have the same cover.... Like why do you want to have to exact books like that?

To each their own xD None of MY business why people want to have the exact cover twice.
Now the current book I have duplicates of is Red Queen
I have the UK paperback which was a gift from my best friend and the US Hardcover which I had traded for and had gotten at the same time.
Now, ive been wanting to get rid of one of them but like. The US hardcover is a lot easier for me to find than getting Glass Sword in UK paperback.... but the UK paperback for Red Queen was a gift so its totally killing me to get rid of it !

Anyways, thats ... I think thats the only book I have duplicates of, I mean ive had more but I have traded them away or they are pending to become gifts 

Do YOU have any book duplicates?