Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: I draw on cats by A. r Coffelt


Goodreads Description:
Since the dawn of time, humans have looked into the enigmatic faces of cats and wondered who are you? In this collection of connect-the-dots adventures, expert illustrator and cat motive decoder A. R. Coffelt takes us into the secret worlds of our feline friends— complete the puzzles and solve the mystery of what each adorable cat is really up to! 


This was so cute! I just loved how the pages are able to be ripped out, you know; to hang it around or give them out to your fellow cat lovers xD

The paper is very thick paper, not paper that will be easily damaged or that ink will go through when you connect the dots. The images are adorable and of course very high quality. Of course keep in mind there arent many dots in this book and the main focus is the end product and the cuteness of it all

Recommend it? 
Of course! All cat lovers, this is for you